I lost $240 to a scammer who promised me cheap USS tickets

14 Feb 2018

By Anonymous

*Seller's username: irisyap1996

*Listing title(s) involved: USS ticket

* Her phone number : 8103694?

* Her bank account : UOB SAVING 364319925?

* Her IC : Sxxx 5242G she give me but I not sure this is her or another person.

*Details: They suspended their account so I could not remember details.She sell USS ticket with cheap price.

I have transfered money 240$ to user name: irisyap1996 bank account per her request to buy USS ticket for 4 adults and 1 kid. After money transferred to her account, she did not send any tickets to me. She has suspended her account ( please refer attached file).

Kindly help us to investigate information of this username. We will make police report about this matter. She may create another account to continue scam other people.