Since 2017, scammers cunningly laid vicious traps everywhere and snapped up $157 million, causing immense pain and huge financial losses to victims and their families. It's time to say enough is enough, and take the fight to these scheming enemies. To fight this war against scams, the community needs to unite as one. And only by rallying together, can we stop more from getting hurt.


Let's unite and fight the war
against scams

In order to outwit scammers whose traps are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, we all have to stay updated and current.

The more we know and share, the more vigilant we will be. You can play an important part to help more from getting entrapped and hurt.

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You can make a difference by: pledging to stay vigilant with the latest Scam Alerts from us, and help your loved ones stay alert too by sharing what you know with them. Together, we can beat the scammers with the power of knowledge and awareness. Join the fight against scams now!

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