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How can your
organisation help?

As an organisation, your touchpoints with the public and your staff are wide and deep. So by having you on board as a partner, we will be able to reach the community more efficiently and directly.

Pledging is a simple but powerful first step to protecting the community and your staff. There are two levels of partnerships that you can pledge commitment to:

  • Awareness-based partnership: pledge to protect your staff by getting them to take the pledge to fight scams as well. We will provide them with regular Scam Alerts: first-hand information and latest updates about scams to help them stay alert as an organisation.

  • Communications partnership: pledge to partner NCPC in the communications effort by helping to amplify our campaign message at your public touchpoints, be it online or offline.

A special recognition of your commitment

Your organisation will be recognised as the Pioneering Partner of the movement, and will be presented with an exclusive Partners' Plaque and Certificate. On top of that, your logo will also be visible at our main campaign touchpoints. But most importantly, as a Pioneering Partner, you are contributing to the greater cause in the community.

Let's join forces to stop scams now, and
stop scams well!

Join The Fight!

Find out more

Need more information on how to partner NCPC/SPF to make a bigger impact,
please contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 64782103