Inheritance Scam

Inheritance Scam

It's not a fortune, it's a scam


You receive a letter, call or email stating you've been left a large fortune. However, to have the funds released, you must first pay the administration fees and taxes.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Even if they claim the money will be used to unlock a greater fortune.

Inheritance Scam: Real Stories

27 May 2020 | Inheritance Scam

Don't respond to unsolicited emails offering money

At 2.08pm on 26 May 2020 Tuesday, I received an email to my personal email (Junk folder) with my full name in the subject title. I opened it and read the entire email as it had all my details. I was…...

24 Mar 2020 | Inheritance Scam

Beware of Inheritance Scam!

I have just received a fax saying that the person, edith hans-adam from leichtenstein, will be dying any moment and has an inheritance valued at $24,150,000 in his family vault. He wants me to be his…...

02 Jun 2019 | Inheritance Scam

I received an Inheritance Scam letter through fax!

I received a fax from a Keith Oliver stating that I was eligible to receive the death benefit payout of his late client. According to him, his late client had died without a surviving relative. Due to…...

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CALL 1800-722-6688
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