Money Mule Scam

Money Mule Scam

Dirty work for money launderers


In this scam you unwittingly become part of a money laundering syndicate. Scammers pose as lonely individuals seeking companionship and love online. They befriend you on social media or dating sites, and after gaining your trust, ask you to open a new bank account or use your existing bank account to receive and transfer money on their behalf. You will be asked to transfer the deposited cash to another person or company, usually based overseas. You may be promised a small token for helping this online friend.

Alternatively, scammers post job advertisements on job sites and social media platforms. You are promised a commission for receiving and transferring money.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Never allow others to use your bank account to conduct transactions. You may be committing a crime by laundering money for criminals.

Money laundering is a serious offence. Offenders may be fined up to $500,000 and imprisoned for 10 years.

You are responsible for all the transactions carried out on your account.
Never disclose personal particulars, banking and credit card details and OTPs.
If you suspect that you may have received money under suspicious circumstances, report it to the bank and the Police immediately. Do not do anything with money that has been deposited in your account.

Money Mule Scam: Real Stories

22 Oct 2022 | Money Mule Scam

Do not allow others to use your bank account to conduct their transactions

I have been approached by staff claiming to be agents from SolarWinds Singapore. The contact was made today via WhatsApp text from these numbers (+65 88245483 and +60 11-2726 9844). Over the conversation,…...

16 Oct 2022 | Money Mule Scam

My bank account got frozen because I helped someone to receive and transfer money

He approached me at first through LinkedIn on july 2022, he said he is from us, we started to chat with a 12 hrs time difference, assuming he is really from us. We did voice call as well but never video…...

07 Apr 2022 | Money Mule Scam

I fell prey to an investment scam

I knew Justin (jwc) from facebook and he portrayed a luxurious life with strong forex trading. Taking a leap of faith, I opened a trading account and made money at first. He then asked me to pool the…...

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