Police Impersonation scam: Beware...

24 Apr 2017

By Anonymous

Received a phone (voice) in mandarin on +65 62976999 asking something like to report to police HQ. I just ...

I never heard from the buyer after I transferred the money to him

I was cheated of $209 after responding to an advert online

Don't be cheated by this buyer named Cheikka Emilia

Fake PayPal emails made me suspicious

Hanging up on a call that purportedly came from the Police

I couldn't be bothered and hung up the call

Typical Police Impersonation Scam: I received a phone call asking me to report at a certain location

Don't be fooled by scammers who claimed from the Police

I lost $14,000 for trading at this platform

I lost $70,000 to this man whom I knew from Okcupid