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26 Jan 2023 | Story | Internet Love Scam
Online friend turned out to be a scammer

I received a friend request on Instagram from username jeffrey_1991830, and accepted out of curiosity. This guy introduced himself as Lin Yu, who came from China few months ago and claimed to own a company…...

12 Nov 2022 | Story | Phishing Scam
Beware of SMS phishing scams!

I received an SMS on 11th November indicating that I have a LTA overdue fine. on clicking the link it took me to a site which very much resembled one motoring site indicating that i have 5.36 Sgd fine…...

08 Nov 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of scam calls pretending to be from 'MOH'

Incoming scam has no + prefix Caller Stated he was from MOH and asked why did I use my number and to send fake news regarding covid19 in China. I asked him what number, he muttered a set of number, I…...

04 Nov 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam | Phishing Scam
Beware of phishing phone calls claiming to be from your 'bank'

Phishing scam: Have received a call, claimed to be from a bank that they needed to verify on a $48XX transaction on the card number ending xx11. i press 1 for details. FEELING A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS AS IT…...

27 Oct 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of government officials impersonation scams

Received a call from a "Benny chong" claiming that he was from the 'Ministry of health" and he mentioned that I did not have any vaccination status . I cut him off by asking for his details with ministry…...

22 Oct 2022 | Story | Job Scam | Internet Love Scam
Don't be fooled by your online friends

Don't learn from me. If your online date ask for money, you must know it is never a good thing, there are options like a license moneylender or a bank, they can lend them money or if they ask you want…...

07 Aug 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Caller who claimed to be from "MOH" turned out to b a scammer

I received a call tell me that they have contacted me for several times and ask me to presse “1” (English) or “2” (Mandarin) for more details. A lady claiming she is Ms Au told me she is from "MOH" and…...

02 Aug 2022 | Story | Credit-for-Sex Scam
Don't be threatened by scammers

Wanted to get a massage and came across a girl named lele in locanto website. Told to go to Yishun blk 744, told me to take a picture of the place and said her friend will call me via WhatsApp for security…...