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04 Apr 2024 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Don't be fooled by Government Official Impersonation scam calls

I received a call stating that my number, along with another allegedly registered by me, was involved in a harassment case, and that my number would be terminated. I took note of the alleged place associated…...

04 Apr 2024 | Story | Home/Room Rental Scam
Don't be used by scammers

I spotted a part-time admin assistant job posting in a Telegram group for part-time work. I applied and was connected with someone named Justin Tan who claimed to be from ERA. He sent what appeared to…...

13 Mar 2024 | Story | Phishing Scam
Beware of phishing scams while shopping on marketplaces

I posted an item on Facebook Marketplace, and a person contacted me asking if I had a Carousell account and if they could purchase it there. I agreed and sent them the Carousell listing. Then, they messaged…...

04 Mar 2024 | Story | Investment Scam | Internet Love Scam
Beware of Investment scams

I connected with a man named Andy (何少文) on LinkedIn toward the end of January '24. We continued our conversation on WhatsApp and developed feelings for each other. Amidst my heartbreak from various challenges…...

05 Feb 2024 | Story | Job Scam
I fell prey to a Job scam

On February 4th, I was contacted by a recruiter named "Nancy" via WhatsApp, offering me a work-from-home opportunity for extra income. After seeking clarification on the job description she provided,…...

04 Feb 2024 | Story | Job Scam
I lost over $19k to a Job scam

Recruiter Company: WECRUIT Contacts: Alicia Chua +6584133469, Jestina +6582164379 Website: They offer job opportunities with admin user details. Upon acceptance,…...

29 Jan 2024 | Story | Phishing Scam
I paid over $89 for a fake application

I was checking in for a flight to Canada via Dubai and was not aware i required an electronic authorisation. The airline, would not check-me-in until I had the authorisation. I promptly used my phone…...

08 Dec 2023 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of Job scams

Wendy reached out to me on WhatsApp, mentioning she obtained my number through an Indeed recommendation on the job site. Despite initially appearing as a registered company in Singapore, further research…...