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03 Oct 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
A fake call claiming to be from 'MOH' didn't have the + prefix

Instead of the usual +65 for the scam calls, I had recently received a scam call from MOH saying "we have tried to contact you regarding your vaccination status but to no avail, press 1 for....etc" and…...

03 Oct 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Job to review hotels turned out to be a scam

I was contacted on Telegram by a random stranger asking me if I wanted to try a review job. She claimed that the job was easy and I could earn $110 or more daily. The same usual tactics, I then received…...

02 Oct 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Job offer I received turned out to be a scam

They texted me to say would like me to join a Telegram group . Every day, will be given 25 tasks. Basically most of the tasks are liking particular Instagram accts that they requested. Then, there will…...

01 Oct 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Online 'friend' tried to offer me a fake job

Person added me on IG, then moved to Whatsapp. Chat was going well until she asked me to help her with LUISAVIAROMA job. basically she will give a Whatsapp business account. then there will be a link.…...

30 Sep 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of fake jobs!

+65 8713 6131 (Emma claiming to be from 'Omnicom Media Group asia pacific pte. Ltd) contacted me via whatsapp regarding a job offer. Claiming to earn sgd110-sgd550 per day for just following and liking…...

30 Sep 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Job to follow Tiktok accounts turned out to be a fake

Similar experience as 1) I received a Whatsapp message from +65 8351 2981 named 'Maggie'. She said she's from 'asmedia pte ltd' and it’s…...

30 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Unsolicited phone call from a 'friend' turned out to be a scam

Picked up a call with local number without +65 prefix. The number used was 81943749 The person never gave his name. He said i change handphone number so calling to let you know. Me: hello, who is this…...

29 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Phone call from an 'old friend' turned out to be a scam

Got a call from someone claiming to be my friend Alvin Tan, calling from this number (8193 5672) with no + and the person knew my name. He claimed to be my long time friend but i got no recollection.…...