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24 Feb 2024 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of phone calls attempting to impersonate the Police

Received a call at 10:44 AM on 24/2/24 claiming to be from the Singapore Police Force, requesting verification of my WhatsApp number. The caller threatened jail if not verified, insisting I pick up his…...

23 Feb 2024 | Story | Job Scam
I lost over $1k to a Job scam

I joined a WhatsApp group and was later moved to Telegram to help boost Spotify's new artist chart by liking songs. Initially, I received $15 for basic tasks, but there was a bonus task called PREPAY,…...

23 Feb 2024 | Story |
Beware of unknown job offers

I was added to a WhatsApp group called "Spotify Music T22". The group claimed to promote music on the Spotify platform and emphasized earning potential. Initially, the group highlighted Spotify's leading…...

22 Feb 2024 | Story | Phishing Scam | Impersonation Scam
Beware of phishing calls claiming to be from 'DBS'

I received a call from 81649806, claiming to be from DBS Bank, stating that multiple unauthorised transactions were made under my name. The automated response instructed me to press "0" to speak to a…...

21 Feb 2024 | Story | Investment Scam
Beware of ads offering fake investments

My friend saw a post online regarding Sharon Au quarreling with Jean Danker on 'R U OK' due to an investment job. She forwarded me the link, and upon opening it, I found it to be a CNA article (it appeared…...

19 Feb 2024 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of Fake Friend Call scams

At around 2000hr, a Mandarin-speaking stranger with a Malaysian Chinese accent called my cellphone. He pretended to be a long-lost friend and informed me that he had changed his phone number to 89320794.…...

13 Feb 2024 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of fake job offers

I was added to a random fake Axoni Digital Marketing on WhatsApp by someone called Jasmine who claimed that if I follow their WhatsApp channel in order to increase the popularity and traffic on the channel…...

12 Feb 2024 | Story | Cyber Extortion Scam
Beware of Cyber Extortion scams

I met a girl on a dating app called Meef. We chatted for a bit, and she asked for my Instagram. Her Instagram seemed legitimate, with 4-5 years of posts, which made me lower my guard. After a few days…...