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04 Oct 2023 | Story | Phishing Scam | Impersonation Scam
Caller claimed to be from 'DBS'

I received a call claiming to be from "DBS Bank" saying that I have a pending transaction on my account and that to speak to a customer service officer press "1" and to repeat press 0. I hung up the call....

04 Oct 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Scammer tried to pretend he's a friend

He called me to inquire if I remembered him, addressing me by name. He introduced himself as Jonathan Tan, mentioned his new phone number, and requested that I save it. Additionally, he messaged me on…...

02 Oct 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Don't be fooled by Fake Friend Call scams

Just received a fake friend call this morning on 2/10/23. the caller knew my name. he spoke in mandarin and kept asking “don’t you remember me?” i said no, as i did not recognise his voice and don’t converse…...

01 Oct 2023 | Story | Internet Love Scam
Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Met Kyunghee on Tinder, switched to WhatsApp, then Skype. Claimed to be a pipe fabricator engineer from Texas, an American-Korean working in Jurong Island. We talked via WhatsApp and Skype calls, but…...

22 Sep 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Be wary of Fake Friend Call scams

I received a call today, on 22nd September 2023, from the mobile number 8647 7065. The caller spoke in Chinese, and when I inquired about their identity, they claimed to be my friend and questioned my…...

20 Sep 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Call from "DBS" turned out to be a scam

I received an automated voice call from DBS, alleging that a $963 charge had been made to my DBS credit card. The call instructed me to press a button to speak to an English-speaking customer service…...

20 Sep 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Stay vigilant against Fake Friend Call scams

On the afternoon of September 20, 2023, I received a phone call from a male with a Malaysian accent, speaking in Mandarin in a friendly manner. He addressed me by name but mispronounced it, which raised…...

17 Sep 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Scammer pretended to be from "MOM"

A scammer attempted to video call me via WhatsApp. Normally, I am cautious when I see a call with a "+" sign, as it often indicates a potential scam. However, this time, I answered the call because the…...