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04 Dec 2023 | Story | Internet Love Scam
Be wary of strangers you met online. Not all are genuine

I encountered "Ethan" on CMB, and we recently matched. After chatting for a while on CMB, we exchanged numbers and continued our conversation via WhatsApp. Ethan hails from Penang, with a Thai and Chinese…...

04 Dec 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam | Phishing Scam
Beware of phishing phone calls

The reason for my report is the evolution of scams. Traditionally, scams involve a +65 caller ID prefix, often tied to scammers from the PRC. However, this time is different. I received a call from 8304621?…...

02 Dec 2023 | Story | Cyber Extortion Scam
Beware of Sextortions

I met a girl on a dating site who later connected with me on Instagram. She gradually built a connection and persuaded me into an intimate video call, during which she recorded sensitive footage to extort…...

01 Dec 2023 | Story | Job Scam
I lost $100 to a Job scam

The Facebook job ad appeared legitimate, associated with the reputable recruitment company Hudson. On November 30th, I contacted Kevin Goh via WhatsApp, who referred me to Jobcraft's senior writer, Joleen.…...

28 Nov 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of Impersonation phone calls claiming to be from banks

The caller claimed to be from "DBS Bank" and informed me of a transaction from my DBS Multiplier to UOB Bank. The transaction number is NB12946788J98, and it was made to the UOB Bank account number 7793-796-629,…...

21 Nov 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of impersonation phone calls claiming to be from "DBS"

The male caller, with a PRC accent, asserted to be calling from "DBS", aiming to verify a credit card transaction amounting to $63,000 made online in Tianjing. He declined to disclose the associated account…...

21 Nov 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Caller who claimed to be from "ICA" turned out to be a scammer

I received a call on my mobile phone, and upon answering, a recorded message identified itself as being from ICA. It instructed me to press 1 for English or 2 for Chinese. I pressed 1 and was connected…...

20 Nov 2023 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Be wary of Fake Friend Call scams

Received a call from a number (+65 8931 08??), claiming to be a Malaysian subcontractor I knew. After confirming his identity by mentioning a name (LAURENCE), he explained he had a new number due to losing…...