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03 Oct 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
A fake call claiming to be from 'MOH' didn't have the + prefix

Instead of the usual +65 for the scam calls, I had recently received a scam call from MOH saying "we have tried to contact you regarding your vaccination status but to no avail, press 1 for....etc" and…...

30 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Unsolicited phone call from a 'friend' turned out to be a scam

Picked up a call with local number without +65 prefix. The number used was 81943749 The person never gave his name. He said i change handphone number so calling to let you know. Me: hello, who is this…...

29 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Phone call from an 'old friend' turned out to be a scam

Got a call from someone claiming to be my friend Alvin Tan, calling from this number (8193 5672) with no + and the person knew my name. He claimed to be my long time friend but i got no recollection.…...

28 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of Fake Friend scam

Someone called my and identified me by MY NAME. She started off by sharing her name was "Nicole".  Then she said that she last her phone last all her contact and this is her new number. She then asks…...

24 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Beware of Fake Friend call scams

Another scammer called on 22 sep 2022, a Chinese-Malaysian accent, told me that he has lost his phone and asked me to remember his new phone number. I thought he was a contractor whom I knew. He called…...

23 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
'Friend' who claimed to be unfamiliar with online banking turned out to be a scammer

1. Call at evening time (21/09) and asked me do i know who is he and i mentioned a name and he claimed he is the one. 2. He told me to delete old phone and replaced this new number 81794073. 3. On 22/09…...

17 Sep 2022 | Story | Internet Love Scam
Not all online friends are genuine. Stay alert!

I first met this guy on CMB before moving on to text on telegram. I believed that he had a script well planned all along as everything was going smooth until he kept requesting for a voice call with…...

16 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Call from a 'friend' turned out to be a scam

I just received a phone call stating that he is my friend and this is his new number. I keep questioning for his name until he cannot stand it and give me a fake name. After listening to his name, I hung…...