Beware of Loan scams

Anonymous | 01 Jun 2024

Loan Scam
I was desp and approached this person on tele for loan options, i previously failed on my previous trading and wanted to pay back my mom and my NECESSARY bills.

He posed that he was from icredit, a licensed moneylender and claimed to be an online backdoor outlet since covid. I was desperate and did not think much except to get the money. I paid the insuran fee 10% of my 8k loan, then subsequently 3 months installment for my loan amount which was 2075(which wasnt communicated to me prior to my agreement signing)

They told me they due to my late processing fee, mas requested an addiTional $1500 to confirm my loan application. Previously they transferred me 10k w a screenshot and told me to transfer 2k first before the money comes in my account due to accounting reasons.

When i mistaken heard to trf 1.4k over the phone they told me it was 1.5k and that i had to trf the correct amount before they can trf my 8k.

I called in their office as per their website and they said someone must have impersonated them and i should make a police report. They also said that its not the first time someone has called them on this matter. I’m stuck and afraid to make a police report.

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