I lost over $3,000 to Loan scam

Anonymous | 01 May 2020

Loan Scam
I responded to a loan Sms & visited the website http://www.1133moneylender.com/

From the website I click on the whatsapp number and was directed to contact with their loan agent Gavin & according to their website their office is located in raffles City builDing.

They cLaimed to be related to the actual Moneylender company 1133moNey lender at BAlestier.

He ask me for my details, the standard loan procedures: NRIC, payslip, 6mths CPF statement & send across a video of me holding my NRIC.

I have requested for loan of S$50,000 and monthly payment $950 x 60mths.

he told me that he will be transferring $500 into my account, as their company practice, which I will need to transfer $800 back to them once my application is approved and the extra $300 will be deducted from my first installment.

The next day he told me that the loan has been approved and I can transfer the $800 back to him, After I transfer $800 to the account his gave me (POSB ???-09813-3), he told me that I make an error in my transfer comment which I didn't indicate as “GAVIN CLEAR”.

As such their system unable to match my transfer, thus need to redo the $800 transfer to another account (UOB ???-384-0571) indicating “Gavin clear”

After the transferred he called me saying that my name is flagged as red name in their system due to my first error transfer, there he ask me for another transfer of $2750 for the red name removal.

Both the $800 and $2750 will be reimbursed to me together with my loan when we meet up to sign the loan contract.

After I transfer another $2750 to (UOB ???-384-0571), he called me again saying that there should be another $2750 transfer for them to reactivate my loan account.

This is when I'm beginning to sense that i might have be scammed.

I have requested to speak to his accountant, which another guy by the name of Jeffery called me and give me the same story.

After this i called my bank to seek for help in cancelling the transfer, however bank told me that a police report need to be make & shared with the bank.

Editor's Note: Don't respond to advertisements offering loans. Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to advertise their services online, via messaging apps and SMS.