Don't be threatened by scammers

Anonymous | 02 Aug 2022

Credit-for-Sex Scam

Wanted to get a massage and came across a girl named lele in locanto website.

Told to go to Yishun blk 744, told me to take a picture of the place and said her friend will call me via WhatsApp for security reason.

Then a +60 number called me and ask me to buy some razor card credits as form of payment, i straightaway told him off and said i only pay cash else cancel the appointment. This was when he started to threaten me and i scolded him big time and hang up on him.

He then started sending me many pictures of bloody guys been beaten up, i just block the number and forward my handphone to my residential number which i didn’t connect at home… (let him call and get frustrated)

For those who experiencing the same scam, be assured the scammer will not be able to:

1. Track your address based on your phone number.

2. No one will go to your place to harass you as these so called gangsters are based in probably china (+60 number), and who in singapore will act for them without being paid?

They can only threaten you online, and if you block and ignore them, they will soon direct their attention to other people instead of wasting time on you.