Don't invest blindly

Anonymous | 02 Jun 2023

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam
I met a guy named Matt on Bumble in Singapore. He claimed to be a 34-year-old Taiwanese working in Singapore and looking for a partner to settle down with. After two days of chatting, we moved our conversations to Telegram. Like other victims who have experienced similar situations, he quickly professed his love and shared personal details about his family and social life. Initially, I didn't think much of his behavior, although it seemed suspicious. I believed he was just overly romantic and honest. I also trusted the dating app since his profile was verified, but I now realize I was too quick to judge.

He lured me into using MaxMagicExchange, explaining option trading and passionately sharing his supposed profits over the past two years. To gain my trust, he willingly transferred 400 USDT (around SGD 500+) to me, claiming it was easy to earn significant returns with his guidance. Days later, he insisted that I recharge another 500 USDT into my account. However, I informed him that I didn't have enough money, which made him furious. Eventually, he allowed me to trade with whatever I had in my crypto wallet temporarily.

Now that I know he's a fraud engaging in malicious activities, talking to him feels like talking to a ghost. I discovered that he is also using another dating app for gay couples, using one of his photos that I had saved but under a completely new identity named Martin Chan, a 26-year-old from Singapore. Right now, my focus is spreading awareness about this scam.