Beware of fake adverts online to trick you into downloading APKs

Anonymous | 02 Nov 2023

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
The scammer advertised a Genting Dream cruise tour promotion on Facebook, piquing my interest. They instructed me to contact them through WhatsApp, but something seemed off. Every time I called the WhatsApp number to inquire for more information, it was unavailable, and they wouldn't answer my calls. Instead, they would only return calls without answering. After several conversations, when I expressed interest in proceeding, the scammer sent me an APK link, "EG STORE V11.13.APK," via WhatsApp, which made me uncomfortable about downloading. I questioned the scammer about the need for the APK, and eventually, I decided to end the call, stating that I was no longer interested. It was clear to me that they were scammers. The contact numbers they used on WhatsApp for communication were 82031497, 81710349, 85472367, and 84415433.