Beware of lucky draw scams

Anonymous | 02 Sep 2021

Lottery Scam
Scammer called and claim that you have participated in a lucky draw and won the third price of HKD 500K and that she will informed the admin to deposit the amount to your bank acc. she asked for details such as your full name, IC number and banking details. She talked for a long time and advised you if you think that she is a scammer and that to keep out from telling your family and friend in case the amount is not yours, She seemed friendly and think she is a Taiwanese.

Following, she will call you everyday to update you on the progress and that the admin is still working on it to transfer to your banking account. due the end, she will say that you did not answer the call from the admin and thus need to wait a few more days. in one of her call, she will act as if there is a call to her and let u hear their conversation to prove that they are real. please do not believe them.

Finally, she will ask you to contact the overseas bank to verify your details. i told her that i am not interested and she seems to be angry and frustrated.