Scammer claimed to be a purchaser from a hotel chain

Anonymous | 02 Sep 2022

Cold Call Supplier Scam
Given a call to buy office furniture for 'Stand Hotel'. Caller claimed that it was an urgent, I sent them the quotation and he straight away confirmed the deal. Thereafter, he asked for my bank account for him to pay. Then, he asked me to purchase VIP electric beds which I didn't have. He gave me a contact for me to purchase the beds from. Thinking that the whole procurement purchase was really strange, I rejected the deal and called the hotel for verification. While the hotel hadn't got back to me, i realised that this whole deal was most likely a scam as the purchaser would always negotiate and go to the respective buyers for the best deal. The most ridiculous claim that the caller made was the at hotel's account could only remit money once a day. 

Please check who you dealing with and ensure that the person is genuine before continuing with the deal.