Beware of fake buyers on Carousell and do not click on dubious links

Anonymous | 03 Aug 2022

Online Purchase Scam

I posted my item on Carousell for sale. Then a customer contacted me saying that he didn’t have paynow and that he would like to purchase my item, he would pay by courier Fedex.

Then he sent me a Fedex link starting with the He informed me that he already paid for the courier fee and was waiting for me to receive the money from him via Fedex.

In the link there's a verified sign in front of the website as you can see in the photo once i click on the Fedex logo on the website it routed me to the main fedex website (real fedex website) as well.

Once I clicked receive funds they will ask for the card information then they'll ask for the otp which I didn't input the otp. A few seconds later i received an auto message from the bank about my otp and that I conducted a transaction on my card, which I didn’t.

So, I cancelled my visa.

Please beware of phishing scams and do not click on links that look dubious.