We found something amiss when 'potential buyer' didn't show any interest in the product that we put up for sale online (2)

Anonymous | 03 Feb 2019

Online Purchase Scam
We posted an advertisement to sell our stamp collection lately on social media. it was months later when a guy contacted us on social media posing an interest to buy all our stamp collection and offered 25k for all our stamp collections.

signs of scam slowly reveal when,
1) he did not show any interest in looking at our stamps and kept budging us to give him our banking information.
2) his english is bad
3) when we checked on the google map, the address he gave was a shopping mall address
4) he said that he is busy in usa and DOESN'T know how to use PAyPAL (ya right )
5) last but not least, he said that the deal is monitored by fbi (as if fbi is so free)

The huge scam revealed when he suddenly send us a pic of an invoice from Grandbank and told us that we need to pay him S$450 to credit the money successfully into our account. little did he know that we have suspected him and did the essential checks. luckily we did not send any products or money over.

Hence, would like to use our experience to remind our fellow Singaporeans to be careful and alert. to consult your respective banks if you have any doubts or enquiries. Oh and please remember not to share your bank account details.