Job to review hotels turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 03 Oct 2022

Job Scam
I was contacted on Telegram by a random stranger asking me if I wanted to try a review job. She claimed that the job was easy and I could earn $110 or more daily.

The same usual tactics, I then received a Whatsapp msg and she linked me to a website. Was guided to register (use fake name and contact number as no otp needed) it's a very simple website which will generate random hotels for you to rate, just give it a 5 star and you get paid per rating. I did 30 ratings and earned $11 on my account. The minimum withdrawal was $10 so she guided me to withdrawal the $11 to my paynow.

She then added me into a telegram group whereby every member were sharing their success stories (earning $200+ coz only have 1 hour today, $500+ coz tired after rating for 2 hours... Etc) and raving to continue topping up their experience gold. She then told me that i have to topup my experience gold in order to continue rating hotels and earning money. It'll be $111. I ask her why and she told me it's to "ensure the authenticity of consumption data and generate effective traffic to increase turnover and visibility of hotels" ... Which I don't understand what she meant. She then said it's to ensure that it's not robots doing the ratings.

Anyway, I turned down the offer and she backed off. The website I registered was quickly taken down the next day.