Don't pay to view an apartment

Anonymous | 04 Apr 2022

Home/Room Rental Scam
He claims to be an property agent and was asking for $500 deposit for appointment for viewing the property for RENTAL (261c Punggol Way)

I also noticed someone was trying to alert other people in the Facebook groups about this scammer.

Editor's Note:There is no need to pay an agent to secure a viewing appointment. Please verify the agent's contact details by checking the advertised number against the Real Estate Council's registry (search under "Salesperson"). If the search does not lead to a property agent’s profile page, it means that the phone number is not registered with CEA by any property agent, and could be an indication that the advertisement is a scam.

We encourage you to check the property agent’s details in the property listing against the CEA Public Register to verify that the property agent is registered with CEA. You can do so by searching for the property agent on the CEA Public Register using the advertised phone number.