Always verify job offers before taking it up

Anonymous | 04 Aug 2022

Job Scam

A lady by the name of @adelgunDephaerl followed me on IG. We started off CHATTING as frIends and Brought our conversation to WhatsApp. She said she was performing transactional data for dior and asked if i have ever Shopped online. On a Friday night, she said that she has too many orders to FULFIL and asked if i could help her with some. I asked if its legal and whether It was okay for non-employees to help out. She said that she has done it for about 2 years and that Dior is an established company. Furthermore, she Told me to contact their customer Support which was using a business account for orders.

She enticed me with a reward for newcomers and I decided to try it out. For the first 2 orders, it started off with $110 and $680. After completing the first 2, I gained a total commission of $50. Until the third order, it became a large sum. I thought it was for 1 transaction and the “so-called” customer support said it was for multiple products after my first transaction. I decided to complete the transaction in full and they said that I had to do it again. For this time, I complied and told Judy about it. She did the “transfer” on her part So I felt that it was okay to continue. Never did I realise That it became a double order and the “so-called” customer support told me to transfer to another account. It was then I felt suspicious and decided to report it to the police. These happened within a span of 2 hours. I hope that my intervention On this case is timely enough for the police to recover the lost funds.

After a week I was scammed, the “so-called” customer support for Dior rebranded to channel. They are going on another spree to scam other victims. Do keep a lookout for any tasks from Chanel or Dior and report to the police immediately!!!

One month later, I received a follow request on ig from the same person using another username called @zixiqwe. I rejected it immediately and went to the police to furnish this piece of information. Hopefully it will allow the police to generate some leads and arrest the scammer.