Beware of impersonation phone calls claiming to be from "MOH"

Anonymous | 04 Aug 2022

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I am writing this to report a suspected scam call. Recently, I received phone calls which claims there is a notification from the Ministry of Health.

At first, the caller is a robot said “you have an important notification from the Ministry of Health. We tried several times but cannot contact you. For English conversation, press 1; for Mandarin, press 2.” Days before I pressed 1 and 2 but there was no response.

Today I received the call again and pressed 2, and a man talked with me. Here is the conversation of the 1st call:

“Please tell me your name.”
[I provided my name and spelled it]
“Ok, There is two things to inform you. Firstly, how many doses did you vaccinated?”
[Two doses, I said]
“You have to take the third and forth dose of vaccination. I will sign up for you, you can go to nearby clinic to be vaccinated.”
“Your voice is blurry, are you stay in home or outside?”
[I am in shopping mall now, I said]
“Are you hanging out with friends?”
[with friends, I said]
“When would you go back to home? I’ll contact you later while it will take some time to verify your documents.”
[About 5:00pm, I said]
“5:00pm is the time we get off work …but I think it is ok. My name is Li Guoyou, please remember this name since I will contact you again.”
[OK, and I think I will go back to home more quickly and 4:30pm is ok to receive a call. I said]

Here is the conversation of 2nd call:
“I am Li Guoyou from the Ministry of Health, and the second thing is an important Covid-19 notification. However, we are still verifying your documents. Could I call you tomorrow?”
[No problems, I have spare time all the time tomorrow. I said]
“Then I will call you at 8:15am. Would it disturb your morning exercise or else plan?”
[No it won’t. I said.]
“Ok, I will call you tomorrow. Sorry for taking your time.”
[Thank you. I said.]

After that, I realized it is ridiculous that the caller do not know my name but have an important notification for me. I suspected it is a scam call and report to you. Here is the detailed time and phone number of the calls.

The 1st call: 15:09 p.m. +65 85941515
The 2nd call: 16:59 p.m. 92757395

Hope the information would be useful to address similar cases, if it is a scam call.