Beware of Fake Friends Impersonation scams

Anonymous | 04 Dec 2022

Impersonation Scam
On 27 Nov, scammer called and said he lost his MOBILE/wallet and that this is his replacement mobile NUMBER and had cancelled the old number. He knew my name and sounded like my Aircon servicing contractor. He then said wanted to invite me to his new cafe venture at bedok mall opening day buffet LUNCH the following Saturday.

The next day, the scammer called and asked if I can loan him $3600 to pay his supplier as his account is temporary not Accessible after police loss report. He even assured that can repay by after 3.30pm. I said will call him as I am busy and then decided to call the old number. Fortunately, my Aircon servicing guy answered and clarified that he did not loss his phone and didn't call me the day before. I RELATED to him what happened aND he told me his other customers had similar encounters a few months back. I realized That call was A scam attempt. Strange thing was the caller knew my NAME but didn't identify HIMSELF. He ATTEMPTED to IMPERSONATE as a familiar person and was trying to trick me into calling out a name. This is his trick.