Credit-for-Sex scam: Scammer threatened me after I refused to give in to his demands

Anonymous | 04 Jul 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I visited this site after being fearful and saw several other similiar stories. 

So, I came across this girl called Xuan on Locanto, offering massage service. added her on wechat.

She said she was available and asked me to meet her at people's park. When i reach there, she say a guardian will call me to ensure the safety of her. then the guy call and explain to me first timer need pay through Alipay on AXS. when i declined to, he was nice and say just one time. but then after i made the payment of $150, he brought up the fact that i need to pay a safety deposit which is $1200. initially i thought it was remembered so i say ok, but at this point i was very fatigue from negotiating with him. through this whole time, he was on the phone with me. but when i was about to make the payment, i asked to confirm if it was rmb 1200 right, he grew mad and said its in Sing dollars and threatened to give me hell if I don't pay up.

I lied to him that my phone has no batt soon, and i made the run to the nearest police station. i was in fear as i wasn't sure how much inform he has on me.

The Police assisted me, told me the best way is don't engage. i blocked his whatsapp call and msg, his mobile calls are all unavailable, i cant block them, i can only turn on flight mode, i deleted the wechat msg to xuan, and he even SMS-ed which i just delete immediate. to be safe, i did a double check on my bank account, turn all my social media acct to private and turn my Whatsapp online status to private as well. i am not hoping to get back the money, i just pray for safety for my family and me and no disturbance from them soon.