Beware of Job scams

Anonymous | 04 Jul 2024

Job Scam
While looking for jobs, I was approached by Alyssa and Shelly through WhatsApp about earning additional income by completing three sets of optimization tasks. I had never met them before. The tasks required me to use a Singapore bank account. Alyssa insisted that I withdraw $100 to reset the entire set of tasks until the third set was completed by depositing the same amount back into my bank account by the end of the day. There is a WhatsApp group for Mangools users to check whether they have completed their three sets of optimization tasks daily.

After hearing how she earns additional income, it sounded very fishy, so I quit the group. I felt cheated because customer service is not responding to my request to close my Mangools account. They are not helping at all. In the end, this job turned out to be illegitimate. No money was lost, and I managed to recover after completing the three sets of tasks