I lost around $20k to a Job scam

Anonymous | 04 May 2023

Job Scam Investment Scam
It started with a WhatsApp message from Cherylynn, who claimed to recruit reviewers on Google Maps after finding my resume on JobStreet. Each review paid $5, which seemed like an easy and nice side job. I was then invited to a Telegram group where many reviewers were present, and this group offered participants payments ranging from $20 to $30.

However, they started promoting an investment opportunity called 'advance payment' for the development of a cryptocurrency website. It began with a $800 investment promising a return of $1017. The investments didn't stop there; I had to invest at least twice to withdraw the money. The investment value appeared to rise once I became part of it. They created a smaller group, with two scammers pretending to be genuine members. I had to keep investing more to recover my initial funds.

Eventually, I decided to cut my losses of $4000 SGD, but someone offered to help. I ended up paying until the total reached $20,000 SGD.

The company involved is called Charter Group, and I had a conversation with a person named Kevin. I deeply regret being caught in this cycle.