Online investment turned out to be a fraud

Anonymous | 04 Nov 2020

Investment Scam
This friendly Hong Kong guy approached me on a friendship website in august 2020 and tempted me how much he won in investing in usdt cryptocurrency. He came from rich family and came to Singapore to set up a company. He lured me into setting up an investment account with name and email and small amount of money.

I credited small sum of money into the account via an investment officer in China. I profited from investment in beginning but made a lost later. He told me I need to invest more and he would help me earn the loss. I profited but lost again second time. Third time he asked me to put in some money together with him and he would help me to earn back .the profit would all go to me while he would bear the losses. This round we made profit but again last minute the currency plunged. He asked me to help him clear his debt else he would pass my contact to the investment company to chase after me. I realised it is a scam and blocked his messages.