Beware of fake job offers online

Anonymous | 05 Dec 2022

Job Scam
i was looking through FB and came across this part time job that can work from home. So i applied using my name and contact number.

After that This person Janice will contact me and told me about the job. It's work from home online jobs
* Only 1-2 hours of work time required
* You will receive payment after the job is completed
* Commissions will be paid daily
* Step-by-step guide will be provided until you complete the job
* Only 40 data completions per day from your computer or cell phone
* There is no fee to get started
* Additional $300 bonus if you work for a full week (terms and conditions)

Our freelance job is mainly to earn commissions by reviewing products. We are review on the workday platform and workday is a Partner Management (AZM) software service provider, offering a management platform for global brands to manage optimized partner marketing.

The main job here to help seller`s create full data and write review for product, so that the products have better data to be promoted to markets successfully and the company will provide a work platform for us to take over AI system to create realistic and truthfully data

She asked me to use her account to do first where shows that i dont need deposit any money and will get commissions.  Then i will use my account to do 40 review questions. at first you will have credit from the commission that i get. then when the review questions is more then my credit, i will have to bank in money to continue. the first time i earn 90 bucks that bait me. the next day when i do the amount started getting bigger and i fell for it, from hundreds to thousands. at the end i got not enough to deposit any more and i find a bit weird. that's when i realised i might be scam.