Caller who kept asking me to guess who he was turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 05 Dec 2022

Impersonation Scam

Received a phone call today from this unknown caller who was able to address me by my name. He sounded like he knew me. He then went on to share that he just changed his number and that this was his new number. I asked him for his name, but he kept saying “you really don't know me? How can it be? So disappointed, etc". I told him I really don't know and he does speak with Malaysian chinese accent. The conversation ended when I told him that I’m currently working and has no time to guess who he is. He claimed he will call me back and asked me to think who he is and he hung up.....

I blocked his numbers immediately as firstly i don't have friend who is so rude to hung up the call just like that. When i read another post here, it seemed it share some similarities. He did sound like my air-con service man.

Be careful everyone