Scammer pretended to be a buyer on Carousell

Anonymous | 05 Jul 2022

Online Purchase Scam

It happened when I posted my iphone for sale in Carousell. The scammer contacted me via Carousell to express his interest. He only mentioned that he will be on online carousell for a short period and will be offline and requested my mobile number to chat via WhatsApp. He told me he will be making payment via overseas transfer, as he didn’t have a local bank account. He told me the remittance will only reflect in the local bank system after 2 days. I agreed because he told me he would share with me his passport details for proof that he is genuine in buying. Then, he shared with him a screenshot of his payment via Bank of America and his passport details.

He requested for me to courier the phone out to him on the same day, as it meant for his brother as a birthday gift, and his brother is flying off soon. My hubby found something amiss with his request. 

It’s only a gift. So we decided to call off the deal. He told me he will take back the funds that he had transferred, which I agreed. He was not happy and kept on persuading me to accept his offer. He then shared a link with me via WhatsApp, asking me to help him register for a local SIM card so that he could transfer the money to him via Paynow.

I didn’t agree to the request, and told him that I’m truly calling off the deal.

After that he stopped contacting me. Carousell has since taken down his account.