Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 05 Nov 2023

Job Scam

It all began with a simple hello on Instagram, just like any normal following. We started chatting during our free time online and became friends. She claimed to be a staff member at Balenciaga and offered me a commission for helping clear orders. She provided the actual Balenciaga website link and asked me to transfer money to her account. Initially, I received my money back along with earned commissions on the first few transactions. However, she later went silent and began threatening me to make further transfers, sending scam messages to me and my family. I lost a total of $45,590.

I have filed a police report with evidence of her usual associates' screenshots and a photo of her visa purchase receipt at a restaurant she posted on Instagram, the Tamaya Udon & Tempura (Plaza Singapura Outlet). She remains scot-free and is still active online daily, likely searching for her next victim.

She claimed to be a Singaporean with her hometown in Malaysia. A quick check on her Instagram shows that she frequents areas such as Orchard, Marina Bay, Bukit Timah, and Punggol.

Her Instagram profile links and contact number are:

@679NCE: Instagram Profile

@461XXP: Instagram Profile

Photo Evidence:

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