Caller claimed to be from "Singtel" to fool me

Anonymous | 05 Oct 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam

I received a call on 5 Oct 2021 morning from a Indian accent lady claiming to be calling from SingTel technical department. She told me that SingTel has detected that there is some issue with my internet connection and that my router security might have been compromised. She even went on to provide me a long "customer license number" upon my request for verification but the number seems alien to me. Then she kept asking if I have computer in front of me as she can guide me online to do the verification. When I told her I do not have a computer in front of me and asked her to call back later, she abruptly hung up the call. I have verified with SingTel and confirmed that there is no such call from their technical department and the call is a scam. Fortunately for me, I did not reveal any information to the scammer.