I lost over $2,000 to my online friend

Anonymous | 06 Aug 2019

Internet Love Scam
At first, it turned out when i starts to know him thru on Instagram. We dated online for awhile till he asked for my work addresses stated that he bought me some gifts. And he will be sending OVER. So recently on the 2 august i receive a whatsapp stating they are from a Belfast courier.

And my parcels are already with them they need me to process 2500. I done that bow they say they are doing the scanning and they are a lot of cash into it. That it might bring me behind bars. Ive almost taking out 5500 but i had cousin staying overseas. Stated that belfast do not do international deliveries. Unless they use usps. I started to become skeptical when the internet boyfriend dont sllowed me to tell my parents regarding this issues. Will be making a report later today

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