Beware of unsolicited phone calls informing you that you have won a lucky draw

Anonymous | 06 Jul 2022

Lottery Scam
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First received a call on 6 Jun 2022. Mentioned about some upcoming events in SG (11 Jun 2022). Did not go for the event.

Next call received was on 29 Jun 2022. Mentioned that even though I did not attend the event, but because I picked up the first call, I became eligible for their lucky draw. And I won the third prize in their lucky draw, worth HKD 590,000, which is more than SGD 100,000. I mentioned I wasn't interested at first, but caller, who sounds like a Taiwanese lady, was persistent in asking if I really wanted to give up SGD 100,000+. I figured I'll just see what info they'll ask for.

After 1 hour of some background info about the company, and some random chatter, I gave some personal info to her, including full name (English and Chinese), mobile number, date of birth, and my NRIC number. She mentioned she needed to submit the application form, so will get back to me the next day.

The next day, she mentioned the application was successful, and asked for my bank account number to transfer the money to. I gave it to them, as I didn't perceive a risk. At this point, I was more convinced it was real, but still retained a bit of skepticism.

The next day, she called to chit chat for about 20 minutes (I think they are trying to put a personality to your identity through these exchanges), before telling me she can only give me an update the next week as they don't work on the weekends. No other information retrieved from me.

Over the weekend, I tried to search if there are scams that are similar to this, and found them here on After comparing too many similarities, I realised I was being scammed.

The next time the lady called (Mon), I listened to her for about 5 minutes, and just ended the call without saying anything. She has not called back since.