Caller who pretended to be a friend called for financial help

Anonymous | 06 Jul 2023

Impersonation Scam
A few days ago, someone called claiming to be my old friend, Mr. Chua, who stayed in Malaysia. He said he was in Singapore opening a restaurant at Northpoint, with the opening ceremony scheduled for this Sunday. When I asked for the address, he mentioned losing his wallet and phone in a restroom and needing to make a police report. Today, on July 6th, he called again, saying he couldn't find his wallet and was out of money. He asked me to send him some money, citing our long-standing friendship. I agreed but wanted to confirm his identity by asking a few simple questions about our shared experiences and work. He avoided answering and when I mentioned meeting at China Town Complex Hawker Center, he abruptly ended the call. I discovered that both calls came from the same Singaporean number: 88536095. I contacted my friend Mr. Chua, who informed me he was in Kuala Lumpur, hadn't visited Singapore, and hadn't contacted me. He confirmed that this was a scam. I attempted to file a police report at Cantonment Police Station but left as there was only one service counter available, opting to use the e-service for reporting instead.