Do not allow others to access your computer remotely

Anonymous | 07 Apr 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I am shijo and work in cyber security industry. This report is just to help others and maybe the authorities to better educate the public at large or track down the syndicate.

i picked up the call and started the conversation fully aware that it was a scam call. myintention was to understand scammers real motive so that i can probably alert others who may be less computer savy. I recorded the whole coversation too. this is how the call progressed...

1.i received a call from this scammer (i could hear other agents too. so this is a big team)
2.i was told that the call is from singtel tech support
3.the caller claims that my internet was being used by ohers illegaly
3.the caller asked me to go through a series of steps on my computer to convince me that many external forces are connected to my computer. they wanted me to run 'netstat' commands
4.i pretended that i was following their insructions when i was not i work in cyber security, i am very well aware of those commands and the expected output. so i played along to understand their real intention without running any single command
so here it is: ultimately the scammer wants you to access a remote control website and download their remote control executable so that they will be able to login remotely and take over your computer.
website name: (i never accessed this site as i didnt want any drive by download or pugings to be installed on my comuter)

i just wanted to share the scammers mode of operandi and hope this helps others. thanks

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