Caller who claimed to be from "MOH" turned out to b a scammer

Anonymous | 07 Aug 2022

Impersonation Scam

I received a call tell me that they have contacted me for several times and ask me to presse “1” (English) or “2” (Mandarin) for more details. A lady claiming she is Ms Au told me she is from "MOH" and advised me that they will have to cancel my medical balance (?) As i illegally sent a unregistered medicine from Guangdong, China to a gentleman or lady in Singapore. As I didn’t do so and told her that it must be a id theft. In order to solve this issue, they will help transfer to the police office in Guangdong. Anyways, I found it to be weird and told her that I have something urgent to deal with and hung up the phone (although they keep calling me).