Stay cautious while making friends online

Anonymous | 07 Jan 2022

Internet Love Scam
On Instagram, this person is known as markwong4700, markyong3095 (currently active) DONALDCHANG3050, ROBERTYANG37306, markyong85, markyong83. All accounts other than markyong3095 (active) HAve been deactivated. The SAME person photos are used in these IG ACCOUNTS.

Scammer is supposedly an oil rig engineer working for hunt and oil company and will sweet TALK via WHATSAPP and SEND surprise package over to you with no mention of cash hidden. This is when the fake delivery company will use CUSTOMS check as point of threaten for money laundering if money is not transfered. One event led to ANOTHER and fear technique is used by the fake delivery COMPANY along with the scammer playing ignorance.

Be aware and never accept any package from overseas eventhough the person may sound very TRUSTING and convincing. They are PROS at SCAMMING.