Friend turned out to be scammer

Anonymous | 07 Nov 2020

Internet Love Scam
Met seo jun through tinder. he lived alone in london.lost his parents.has an aunt in thailand. has been to Singapore-Pasir Ris,hougang, tampines. bought a house in yishun,which will be rented out (he spelt 'rent' as 'rant').

He likes to go to gym house. showed me 2 selfies of himself at the gym (*he was using an iphone).

He said he has no friends when asked if he got hanged out with friends. he said he used to have 1 friend but not there anymore.

he said he likes to go to he mall so 1 day he went and he said he bought something for me, some ladies stuff that i might like. so he asked for my name, address and email.i said why.he kept saying cos he like befriending me and wanted to send me a gift. eventually, i gave me (but i did not sent my full name). he gave me the courier website ( tracking num and kept reminding me to tell him when i received the email. his number in the site lacked of 1 digit eventhough the rest is the same, sender address was put as uk (small k,ya!).

checked item description as 1 flower, 2 gift cards, wrist watch, gold necklace,make up box, fendi and gucci handbag,iphone 11 pro max, ralph lauren perfume, brown envelope!!!

Later, he messaged that he had hidden 5000pounds (for expenses) in the envelope cos he did not know how it would be in Singapore

An email came and looked very dubious. It requested for asking for SG$ was in improper structure, with punctuation and grammatical errors.

I found a similar scam story online. I blocked him on whatsapp.1 minute later, i received a number from UK which I ignored.