Advertisement offering loans turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 07 Oct 2022

Loan Scam

I was looking for a loan of 30k. I got a message from a number about a loan and at that time i was interested. So i briefly when to search the company and and check if is listed and it is. Btw the company name is “se investment pte ltd” so after i saw the company name in the list i assume it was legit. So this person name charles told me i need to make to deposits first to open a file and account which is 3500 each. So the first transaction i did i wrote down his name in it “to : Charles” after a while he said that money got stuck because of me writing his name and in order for the loan to process and the refund to be make I needed to transfer him another 7000 and put the initial “se” for it to go thru. So stupid me believe him and I did what he said. After transferring 7000 to him he said we got another problem. Mas hold on the money and i need to pay another 5500 for the release clause. After he said that i start to feel fishy so i didn’t transfer him and i keep ask him to help me out but he insist he can’t and i need to pay the release claus for the loan and refund to be process which I didn’t because it doesnt make sense. I went to report to the police straight away. It’s my first time and yea they show me the invoice from the company and stupid me believe.