Beware of home rental scams!

Anonymous | 08 Feb 2021

Home/Room Rental Scam
On 1st Feb, 2021, A lady by the name of CHEN ZHIHONG responded to my condo for rental ad in Gumtree.

She told me to contact her at her gmail address =

I replied her asking for her resident status, occupation, duration of stay, move in date & budget. I also gave her my whatsapp number which was a mistake as i started receiving a DBS scam call after that.

She replied saying she is 38 yrs old, A Singapore PR, single lady, non-smoking, working as a chef in a cruise ship. She was AT sea at that moment and will rent my condo apartment when she returns to Singapore. She asked me to calculate the total cost of 6 months rental and deposit, and attached a blue Singapore IC of CHEN ZHIHONG with NRIC #: S8080???H, date of birth: 24-01-1982, SEX: F, COUNTRY of birth: China in her email.

I replied her with my ad link address in gumtree to show her the photos of my apartment as she requested.

her next email reply was asking me to send her my paypal information such as name, paypal email and phone number so she can make a payment to me. She also gave me her whatsApp#: +63 956 319 1394, which is a Phillipines international code.

That made me very suspicious, so i decided to write my story in this website. I decided to block the gmail address and stop all communication with this scammer.