Beware of scammers impersonating legitimate shops

Anonymous | 08 Oct 2021

Online Purchase Scam
Gaming laptop Singapore who impersonated as Eazy computers is big scam. Saw this advertisement at Instagram and view the website and saw many gaming laptops with good specs selling at cheap prices way below market price. Whatsapp-ed them and ask why the prices are lower that market price and they claimed due to bulk buying.made a purchase on 04september and transfer the $1580 to their standard chartered bank 0128095113 and promised will received next day .Suddenly logistic side called and demand $260 for GST fees paid the GST fees and demand for another $300 clearance fees and claimed its refundable .Demanded for full refund but they refused to make full refund saying the extra fees is not claimable if cancel. Up till now have not received any refunds back. Website keep changing and updating new information to grab more victims. Contact number also keep on changing .already lodge in police report for this case

The new website: