Verify job offers through official channels

Anonymous | 09 Dec 2021

Job Scam
Someone called Grace contacted me on Telegram to ask if i was interested in a freelance part time job. after replying yes, i was contacted by the person in charge who introduced herself as Stella (80133591). she introduced herself to be from "Rakuten" and was supposedly hiring a marketing job. the job is to boost products on rakuten. she guided me to register for an account at the website, and guided me on how to earn the commissions using her account initially.

The activity required me to make orders of products. one round consisted of 40 orders before completion and withdrawal of funds. at certain phases, a top up of funds would be required. she explained that these top ups indicated "bonuses" - chances of earning more commission. it appeared to be true as the commission would increase after the top ups. she would top up to her account for me to complete the experience. once completed, she added me to a group chat consisting of her group of members and she asked me to use my account to try.

For the first round using my account, she said I could use the referral amount and commission i earned using her account to try, amounting to approx. $55. the first round was successfully completed and i managed to withdraw all the money, profitting approximately $60. for the second round, a larger initial deposit of $100 was required. multiple top ups of larger amounts was required. i deposited multiple amounts of hundreds of dollars while accumulating 40 orders, amounting to a total of $2000. I expressed my worries and anxiety on the group chat but was reassured by the members who claimed that they had been doing this for quite awhile with no issues. after i had deposited more than $2000, a fourth top top up of $2800 was required. I told stella i did not have enough cash to top up and asked for her help. she ghosted me eventually and I did not perform the top up. at this stage i had not reached 40 orders and could not withdraw my money.


phone number that provided banking details: 891219??.
Scam website:

Editor's note: Please note that scammers will impersonate as staff of legitimate and renowned organisations to fool you. Always verify job offers and if you did not apply for a position, treat all unsolicited job offers sent through unofficial channels with caution.