Beware of Job scams!

Anonymous | 09 May 2023

Job Scam
My story is similar to this one:

So long story short I was scammed exactly like this person, except that i chose the higher amount for the 2nd advanced task which is $1500 and ended up losing around $70k

first, I was contacted by someone from Whatsapp, named Linda, number +60 18-228 0975 for a remote job. At first I was told to just write Google review for 5 SGD each. Then after that they told me in order to become permanent employees/members, I would need to do advanced sales task.

My first advanced task is to deposit 200 SGD to their designated account, which I did. Then they told me to go to this website to register an account and instruct me to withdraw money there. I did as they said, and I got 200 SGD plus 40 SGD like they promised. However they said in order for me to officially become permanent members, I would need to do more advanced tasks, which I deposited $1500 and then, in my desperate attempts to recover it, lost another ~ $70K