Don't be tempted by the huge prize money!

Anonymous | 10 Dec 2019

Impersonation Scam
I also recently almost a victim of this scam. Someone called me from yesterday that I won $50k from Duty Free Changi Airport draw. In order to transfer the money to my account, I need to show it to them my card details via video call. I showed it to them then told me to wait for the otp which was sent to me. I realized that they are making online purchase which unable to go through coz the card details i gave to them is actually no fund.
action taken: 1) called police hotline & confirmed that this is actually a scam.
2) called bank hotline & terminated the card immediately.

Lesson learned: SCAMMERS are really smart but we should be SMARTER than them.

i attached the contact number and possible information. hope this will help and warn other people not to give card details and beware of their sweet talks.

Photo Evidence: