Scammer asked me to access my Command Prompt

Anonymous | 10 Dec 2019

Impersonation Scam
- I received a call from the number +65 6109 3318, where a supposedly Singtel Technician, with a heavy indian accent, claim that there's an issue with my Singtel Internet Broadband.
- When I asked what is the issue and what can i help him with, his first question was to ask if I was home, and subsequently if i could switch on my computer so that he could show me what exactly is the problem.
- I asked him again what exactly is the issue, and whether he could explain to me what is happening and he says that there are intruders accessing my home internet and he needs me to switch on my computer so as to help him to solve the issue.
- At this point, i know that it is probably a scam, i pretended i've switch on the computer and asked what is next. The 'technician' required me to open the 'command prompt' within my Windows OS.
- He then proceeded to say that he has to now "transfer" the call to his colleague to assist me further on what i need to do
- I hanged up the phone at this juncture.
- However, i believe they will either 1) ask me to provide them with my IP address so that they could remotely access my terminal or 2) they are likely getting me to connect to their server some way and some how.