Scammer make a false advert through facebook with an IRRESISTIBLE offer and cash-on-delivery.

Anonymous | 10 Jan 2019

Online Purchase Scam
In November 2018, i saw a sponsored advert in facebook where the seller was selling a 3-axis stabilization gimbal from snoppa. it was priced S$60 instead of the original few hundreds. the purchase was to be paid on c.o.d term and so i thought i could easily reject it if this was a scam.

when the delivery was made via ninja van, i felt the box to be extremely light for a gimbal and told the delivery-man about it. he said that his role was to just make deliveries. if i have any issue, i should contact his office. so i just received the package and true enough the item was just a piece of cheap plastic selfie-stick which probably cost around $2-$5.
though i know it was futile, i wrote to ninja van and they told us to contact the seller for a refund. after an initial niceties with the seller, they stop responding to me.

their strategy is simply to make a false advert through facebook with an IRRESISTIBLE offer and cash-on-delivery offer only so that there is no way to recover the amount paid.

one month later, i saw another similar advert in facebook but for another product sold by a person called "linna" showing photos of the boxes of dji osmo mobile purportedly ordered by her in bulk. i asked linna if the item is not what was advertised, could i reject the delivery but she did not respond. later on, i found out that she has deleted my posts and prohibit me from further posting. i purposely wrote to her about the rejection of item on delivery so that i could hint to other users - many of them have placed their orders - not to fall into this scam.

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