Job offer sent to me out-of-the-blue was a scam!

Anonymous | 10 Jul 2024

Job Scam
I received a job offer from an individual on whatsapp claiming to represent Presence Marketing Group PTE. LTD. The message described a position as an Office Admin, processing virtual orders for travel agencies and hotels like Agoda,, and However, several details raised concerns about the legitimacy of the offer:

"What she sent me: (included "" at the front and end of the sentence by her)
"The current position we are recruiting for is Presence Marketing Group PTE.LTD. Our company aims to provide assistance to travel agencies and hotels, including Agoda,,, and other similar establishments, by efficiently processing virtual orders. This in turn helps them improve their booking rating and star rating. As an Office Admin, your responsibilities will include processing hotel orders. During the trial period, you will be expected to handle 15-20 hotel orders, and after the trial period, the workload will increase to 45-50 hotel orders.For the full-time position, you will be required to work from Monday to Friday, with working hours from 10am to 6pm. In addition to a basic salary of 4300SGD, you will also receive commission based on the number of orders you process, CPF, annual leave, and public holiday benefits.If you are interested in the part-time position, the working hours are from 1pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The basic salary for this position is 2300SGD, and you will receive a commission of 2-250SGD for every order processed, based on the order price. On average, there will be around 30 orders to process daily.Join our team as an Admin and contribute to the efficient processing of virtual orders for our partner travel agencies and hotels. Apply now!"

1. The salary offered (SGD 4,300 for full-time and SGD 2,300 for part-time) seems unusually high for the described responsibilities.
2. The description of "processing virtual orders" is unclear and lacks specific details.
3. The message claimed partnerships with Agoda,, and, which are not listed as clients on the company's official website.
4. The company's official website does not list any open positions for Office Admin roles."