Beware of fake job offers

Anonymous | 10 Jul 2024

Job Scam
I was contacted today, July 10, 2024, by someone named Jasmine from INTELLECTADS MEDIA PTE. LTD. She mentioned she got my info from JobsDB. What she didn't know is that I don't have an account with JobsDB. Below are the texts for reference to avoid falling into a job scam, no matter how desperate.

Marketing Executive

*Full-time salary and benefits*
S$4,800 + Commission + Annual Leave + CPF + 3 days 2 nights trip sponsored by Agoda

After working for more than 6

months, the company will provide the following guarantees:
-PTO (paid time off)
-Health insurance
-Life insurance
*Working hours
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
*Job scope
Process 1-20 hotel orders per day (probation period)
Process 1-30 hotel orders per day (after probation period)

Our company is to help travel agencies and hotels in Agoda,, and other institutions to complete virtual orders, help them improve their booking rate and star rating, and they will give us a commission ranging from 2-5%.
Our company adopts a base salary + commission system, so it is a base salary + a commission of 50-250 per day. The other 4,800 SGD is your basic salary. After the probation period (5 days), your salary and commission will increase.